Serving Python: WSGI

When developing a website in Python, you must make a number of decisions. What framework to use is one: will it be the extremely lightweight approach of Werkzeug or Bottle to the big heavyweights such as Django or Turbogears? Will it process requests using the simple synchronous threads or take advantage of asynchronous approaches like Tornado or aiohttp? These are all important decisions that will effect how you write the code and limit you in some crucial ways. But what about the WSGI layer?

Finding a good Windows terminal

With my recent purchase of a lovely new Thinkpad T480s from Lenovo, I’ve been experimenting with using Windows as my main driver after a hiatus of several years. It’s quite different from both MacOS and Linux (obviously!) but with the advent of Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) a lot of my previous pain points are gone. Except for one: a decent terminal emulator. This is what I did.

Juju Black Magic

As part of my general readings, I came across an interesting tool called Juju. It’s developed by Canonical and my best attempt at describing is that it is a macro-infrastructure provisioning tool. But my initial experience was poor because their tutorial simply didn’t work out of the box.

Linux Is Not Primetime Ready

Browsing the HackerNews thread on a recent article criticising Apple keyboards, I was amused by a common discussion that always crops up on a subject like this: is Linux a viable alternative to Mac OS? To which the answer is always the same: no. But why is that?

Soccer Is Not Dull, U Mad Bro?

My previous post went on about how soccer has gotten dull from, paradoxically, a surfeit of competitiveness. How wrong I was. If the past ten days have shown anything, it’s that international football is in rude health.

Why is soccer so dull?

As any sports fan knows, the FIFA World Cup is under way. It’s the premier soccer tournament, one that every soccer fan looks forward to even if your own team doesn’t make it. And it encapsulates everything I love and hate about the sport today.

2018 NBA finals musing

The NBA finals finished last night with the Golden State Warriors finishing the sweep of the Cleveland Cavaliers. On the whole, the Warriors completely deserve the series win: they had the better team, the better coaching and the better play. The Cavs are a limited team lifted to excellence by Lebron James and it showed. If Lebron wasn’t amazing, they were easily dominated. If he was amazing, it was close.