Soccer Is Not Dull, U Mad Bro?

My previous post went on about how soccer has gotten dull from, paradoxically, a surfeit of competitiveness. How wrong I was. If the past ten days have shown anything, it’s that international football is in rude health.

I write this as the Brazil-Serbia game reaches the end. Brazil are passing the ball beautifully, stroking the ball around the pitch with utter confidence. That confidence stems from a two goal lead and knowing that they have a superb team with no obvious weaknesses anywhere.

To assemble their team in club football would be beyond even the richest Middle-Eastern sheikh. That fact alone makes watching them play all the more pleasurable.

All through the first round of games, the level of football has been very high. And even when a team lacks that extra quality, they have been competitive (for the aforementioned reasons). While Brazil looks good, it’s still difficult to predict what will happen next. As a neutral, I can’t ask for more.

I still reserve the right to complain about club football, but hooray for the World Cup!